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Anthony Molynuex

Growing up Ogden, Utah Anthony held on sporadic jobs with little or no opportunity for advancement. His prospects for a bright future were, at best, limited. As a result, he knew he needed to find a way to obtain the training to get a meaningful, long lasting job. Anthony's answer was Job Corps and the UAW Advanced Automotive Training Program.

When Anthony entered Job Corps, his intent was to create opportunities for himself. By the time he left the Program, he had a long list of accomplishments, to his credit, as well as a long list of job opportunities awaiting him.

During his enrollment in UAW, Anthony completed nearly all of the classes offered in the Medium/Heavy Truck Program, which included; Preventative Maintenance, Drive Train Diesel Engines, Brakes and Steering and Suspension. Anthony also completed two Electrical classes as well as Heating and Air Conditioning. To round out his training, Anthony completed two Work-Based-Learning internships at local repair facilities. Both employers like his so well that they each offered him full-time positions with their organization.

Prior to graduation, Anthony learned that he had passed Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification tests in four different Medium/Heavy Truck areas. These certifications, along with his excellent training assured Anthony a fantastic job. When he separated from UAW, Anthony was immediately employed with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), at a starting wage of $12.14 per hour, plus a full benefit package, including a pension and a 401 K plan.

Anthony's success was, in large part, due to his focus and incredible work-ethic. When asked if he would recommend the UAW Program to other students, he said: "Yes absolutely, but only if they really want it" To those students in the program now, he stated: "Don't mess up, take it serious and listen to your instructor, and always go for your goal."

Recently, Anthony married his long-time girlfriend. He currently owns a late model Toyota Pick-up and has goals of buying a house and putting his wife through college.

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