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James Humphrey

Prior to James entered Job Corps, he had worked at a variety of odd jobs, such as washing dishes and entry level automotive jobs with a lube shop. He became convinced that he needed training in order to obtain a meaningful career in an occupation he enjoyed. With this in mind, James decided to enroll at the Fort Simcoe Job Corps Center in Washington.

While at Fort Simcoe Center, James obtained training and completed their Automotive Program. He was recommended for Advanced Training by his instructor and shortly there-after he transferred to the UAW Program for their AAMCO Transmission Program. During his 17 months at Clearfield, James completed his training, focusing on Automotive Transmissions Repair and Electrical/Electronics Systems. When Asked about his UAW training, James had this to say: "A very special thanks to all the UAW staff for putting up with me and never giving up on me." As part of his training, James completed Work-Based-Learning at two sites, one of which, Freeway Transmission hired him as a full-time employee upon his graduation.

At Freeway, James currently works as an R & R Technician and he is living it. His starting pay was $10 per hour; however, shortly after he was hired, James' salary was increased to over $700 per week, with a full benefit package. When asked how he enjoyed his new job, James retorted, "This Company is awesome." To know James, you would expect nothing less from him.

Today, with his new position and awesome job, James has literally changed his life, placing himself in a far better himself situation than when he entered the program. James' future truly is a bright one. With the purchase of a new Mitsubishi automobile and a new place to live, his life and career are on track to be, not only a very lucrative one, extremely satisfying and successful. We are proud of James' accomplishments and we wish him the very best in everything he does.

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