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Natalie Moore

When Natalie came to Sierra Nevada Job Corps, she had already overcome a great many obstacles in her life. Her adult life was full of mostly self imposed barriers, ranging from unemployment to homelessness. Her decision to enter the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center was the correct choice for her shaky situation. In eight short months, Natalie was able to fully complete their Automotive Program, as well as prove to be a determined leader.

Realizing education was her ticket to prominence and success, Natalie transferred to the UAW-LETC Program at the Clearfield Job Crops Center to pursue certifications as a Diesel Technician. It was apparent from the beginning that Natalie was something special. Her positive attitude and dogged determination was infectious to her peers. She elevated everyone around her with a positive work ethic as well as a professional approach to obtaining an education.

From time-to-time, Natalie worried about whether she could make it in the Heavy Truck field; however, her worries were unnecessary. She was quickly noticed by her instructors as a gifted hard working student in training. In a very short time, Natalie was selected as a senior student in her class. By the time of graduation, Natalie had earned numerous accolades from her instructors, as well as many other center staff. She was also selected as Student-of-the-Year for the entire UAW Program, Valedictorian of her class and graduation speaker, accomplishments she greatly cherished.

At the time of graduation, Natalie was given the opportunity to stay in Utah and work for a service facility in which she had interned. Natalie, however, decided to return home to Fresno, California. A decision she would not regret. Prior to graduation Natalie interviewed for a position with Central Valley Truck Center, a Volvo and Mack Truck Dealer. Once the Service Manager met Natalie and recognized her qualifications and finer points, they immediately hired her as an apprentice technician, with a great wage and a full benefit package. Now after twelve months on the job, Natalie was given a pay increase as well as specialized training assignments across the country.

Natalie is a fortunate young lady. Today she has a new car, a great apartment and best of all a great job and a great career. Three years ago, all of these things were no where in sight for Natalie. We are very proud of her for all of things she has accomplished for herself. Her future is bright, and we wish a lifetime of success. We garner the hope that many more students like Natalie will cross our path, here at UAW-LETC.

Below is Natalies Graduation Speech, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, from the December, 2005 Clearfield Job Corps Center Graduation.

Never in a Million Years

Never in a million years would I have thought that I'd be standing at this podium speaking to you.

After graduating from high school, I decided that I didn't need anymore education and that it really wasn't important to hold a job. For five years, I was flying high. I thought I was above the law; that nothing could catch me. Well that's where I made my first mistake. The law did catch up to me. I ended op doing time. After I got out I chose to keep getting high in pursuit of a very destructive lifestyle. Eventually, I realized that this was getting me nowhere. I decided that barely surviving in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere, having no utilities, eating sometimes was definitely for the dogs. The only thing that I lived for was getting high. Everything went towards that next fix. Well, once again that ended with me back behind bars. I thought to myself "There's got to be a better way." When I got out I made the call I should've made along time ago, one that would change my life forever.

Although there were a great many obstacles to overcome, clearing my record and working off an obscene amount of fines, the great obstacle of all was quitting drugs for good-the biggest step to the rest of my life.

I arrived at Sierra Job Corps in August of 2003, scared as ever. After adjusting to my new scenario, I entered the Automotive Program, where the staff without a doubt reached out and embraced my eagerness to change my life. With that strong support base, I just took off. I didn't have to look over my shoulder anymore, unlike some of my fellow students who were making bad choices and losing the program or just ending up back in jail. After 8 months there with a full completion it was time to expand my horizons.

I transferred to the Clearfield Job Corps (UTAH) in April of 2004 to participate in the UAW-LETC Diesel Program. That's where I met Mike Stewart. He helped me to realize that whatever came my way that I could rise above it. Being a girl meant nothing as long as I wanted it bad enough. Everywhere I went in trade, all the staff members once again embraced my eagerness to reach my goals. Where it really showed though, was through the students that became my friends. Their successes opened the door to knowing my goals, that I could reach as high as the moon and that I was the rocket that was going to get me there. After just a few months I became a student mentor. Then by December 2004, I was given the honor of Student-of-the-Year for the entire UAW program. Since then I've fully completed the Diesel program.

I know that whatever the goal is I make for myself, it is definitely attainable. As long as you look inside yourself, you'll know that anything is possible. That will always be the hardest step. Never in a million years or in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be standing here today. So what I'm saying is, although there may be obstacles along the way, and others may try to dissuade you, there's nothing out there more important than making something of yourself.

Always keep your eye on the prize. You too can reach your dreams!

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