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Student Information

Career Transition

Good placement opportunities are critical to your success. During the UAW-LETC/T-TEN Program, our Career Transistion Specialists will initiate a job search for dealership openings in an area of your choice. Once a prospective dealership is contacted we will send you there for a short time to complete the interview process. In most cases, you will be given a job offer because of the qualifications you have gained through the program. If for some reason you and this particular dealership are not suited for one another we will continue to work with you until the right match is reached. This is an opportunity you cannot pass up.

ASE Certification

All UAW students will be given the opportunity to enroll for ASE Certification tests. ASE tests are offered throughout the year. We encourage every student to take and pass ASE Certification tests. Our class structure is arranged to provide in-depth preparation and training for each test area in our program.


Over 1100 students live in our five dormitories, with two more being built. These dorms provide a well organized independent living atmopshere. Three to four students live in each dorm room and all rooms provide a separate shower and restroom facilities.

Campus Environment

The campus implements Career Success Standards as the model for the campus culture. Fun activities include: basketball, weightlifting, swimming, soccer, flag football, billiards, arts and crafts, movies and much, much more... Students are required to fulfill 10 hours of community service to maintain "Honor Student" status.

How to apply as a student

Students must submit an application and successfully pass a pre-enrollment interview with a UAW-LETC Advanced Automotive Training Program. You must display positive attitude and desire to have a long-term career in the automotive, diesel or auto body field. You will be required to complete basic training and obtain a GED or a combination of a High School Diploma and a minimum TABE reading score of 575 and TABE math score of 575. You must be at least 17 years 6 months in age or older at the time of enrollment. And you must be physically and emotionally able to perform the work as evidenced by the UAW-LETC Student Services Coordinator. All enrollees must meet the requirements regarding medical treament or dental work.