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Vince Cabrera

Before coming to Job Corps, Vince Cabrera lived and went to high school on the Island of Saipan. He made a decision following deep reflection about his future, that he needed training that would allow him to get a good job. At that point, he traveled to Washington and entered the Fort Simcoe Job Corp Automotive Program with the intent to do just that.

While Vince was enrolled at Fort Simcoe, he proved himself to be a valuable team- member of the auto shop. He completed their Automotive Program in less than a year. At that time he was recommended for Advanced Training (AT) at the UAW-LETC Advanced Automotive Training Program at the Clearfield Job Corp Center. Vince came to Advanced Training with a vision. While there he spent nearly two years in training, completing: Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, and Electrical/Electronic System, as well as a number of other foundation classes. Vince's training in Transmissions also included an AAMCO Level 1 and Level 2 certification.

In addition to his other accomplishments in UAW, he successfully completed two Work Based Learning Internships at local transmission shops. The first of which was with Tanner Transmissions in Ogden, Utah, and the second was with AAMCO Transmissions in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Upon completion of the second WBL experience, Vince was offered employment as an R&R Technician at AAMCO Transmissions, with a starting wage of $12.00 per hour with full benefits and paid vacation. Since his hire date, Vince has received a pay raise to his current rate $14.00 per hour. His duties have increased as well to include EDS and AAMCO Service Plus Certifications. Of AAMCO, Vince had this to say: " AAMCO has been a very good for me."

We spoke with Kurt Wood, the owner of the AAMCO shop and he had this to say about the program in general and about Vince in particular: "The students I've worked with from the UAW-LETC program have all been very well trained and have excellent employability skills. I've been most impressed with the way they fit right in with the day to day operations of our business. Vince has made an excellent addition to our staff and a model employee. He has a great work ethic, great skills, and is becoming very proficient at R&R."

Speaking of the UAW program Vince said: "Many thanks to staff, management, and students for giving me the opportunity to learn everything I know now and for the coming future. I greatly appreciate everything my instructors taught me because I wouldn't be where I am at right now. Many thanks again to Job Corps."

Vince's accomplishments were nearly side-tracked when he incurred a hand injury while in the program. If not for the persistence of Vince and the efforts of Bill Nelson, Fort Simcoe Automotive Instructor and the work of several Clearfield Center staff, this amazing success story would not have come to fruition. Good Work Vince, and to all the Job Corp staff that assisted him with his goal to reach his highest potential!

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